This course will prepare you for the DVSA's two part Practical Motorcycle Test to obtain a Category A1 Light Motorcycle Licence.

Once you have passed the Practical Motorcycle Test on one of our 125cc training bikes you will  be able to ride any motorcycle up to 125cc not exceeding 11kW without L-plates on any public road including motorways.

This course is normally conducted over a period of 2 to 5 days but it depends on your experience and ability. It can also be split up over a longer period of time where it is more convenient for you - for example if you are only free on weekends or on certain days of the week.​

See the flowchart on the right for the detailed requirements.

Am I eligible to enroll?

The minimum entry age is 17 years.

You must have a valid CBT certificate and a valid Motorcycle Theory Test certificate before you can start this course.

If you have a valid Category AM Moped Licence you do not have to do the CBT course  or the Motorcycle Theory Test again.

Once you have passed the Practical Motorcycle Test you will be issued with a Category A1 Light Motorcycle Licence.

I have passed the Practical Test - what are my options now?

You now have the following options:

● Keep riding a 125cc Motorcycle with power output not exceeding 11kw.

● After 2 years you can enroll in a Staged Access Scheme course to take a Category A2 Medium Motorcycle Test which will enable you to ride any motorcycle with a power output not exceeding 35kW.

● When you turn 24 you can take a Category A Full Motorcycle Test to ride any motorcycle.

In certain circumstance and depending on when you passed your Motorcycle Theory Test, you may need to re-take it. Please check with us if in doubt.

Older than 17 years but not 19 yet?

 Compulsory Basic Training - CBT.

Valid for 2 years & you can ride a Category A1 Light Motorcycle with L-plates.

​No need to re-take CBT if you have a valid Category AM Moped Licence or a valid CBT certificate.


Motorcycle Theory Test.

If you are new to riding you will need to take the Motorcycle Theory Test before taking the Practical Motorcycle Test.

Two Part Practical Motorcycle Test.

The motorcycle used for both tests must have an engine capacity between 120cc and 125cc and power output not exceeding 11kW.

Module 1 is an off-road test normally conducted on the DVSA's Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA).

Module 2 is an on-road test on public roads.

You must pass the Module 1 Test before you can take the Module 2 Test.

A1 Light  Motorcycle Licence.

You can now ride any 125cc motorcycle not exceeding 11kW power without L-plates and you can carry a pillion passenger.