If you are at least 24 years old the Direct Access Scheme allows you to do an intensive course to obtain your Category A Full Motorcycle Licence which enables you to ride any motorcycle of your choice without L-plates on public roads.

​Motorcycles used for this course must have an engine capacity of at least 595cc with a power output of at least 40kW. We use Yamaha MT07 and Suzuki SV650 training bikes which have engine capacities higher than 600cc and a power output of 55kW or more for the DAS course.

DAS courses are normally conducted over a period of 2 to 5 days but this depends on your experience and ability. It can also be split up over a longer period of time if it is more convenient for you - for example where you are free only on weekends or on certain days of the week.

The aim of the course is to prepare you for the DVSA's two part Practical Motorcycle Test. Once you  have passed the Practical Motorcycle Test on one of our training bikes you will  be able to ride any motorcycle of your choice without L-plates on any public road including motorways.

See the flowchart on the right for the requirements in more detail.   
Are you eligible to enroll?​

This course is for riders who are new to biking and the minimum entry age is 24 years. If you are not 24 years old yet please see the Direct Access course for riders between 19 and 23 years or the one for riders between 17 and 18 years of age.

You must pass the DVSA's Motorcycle Theory Test before you start the DAS course as it is a requirement for booking & taking the DVSA's Practical Motorcyle Test.

You will also be required to complete the CBT course before you start the DAS course.

We can include the CBT course as part of the DAS course if required. This will add an extra day to the DAS course.

​24 or older?

​Compulsory Basic Training - CBT

Valid for 2 years & you can ride a Category A1 Light Motorcycle with L-plates.

Motorcycle Theory Test.

If you are over 24 years and new to
riding you will need to take the
Motorcycle Theory Test before taking the Practical Motorcycle Test.

Two Part Practical Motorcycle Test.

The motorcycle used for both tests must have an engine capacity larger than 595cc and engine output power of at least 40kW.

Module 1 is an off-road test normally conducted on the DVSA's Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA).

Module 2 is an on-road test on public roads.

You must pass the Module 1 Test before you can take the Module 2 Test.

Category A Full Motorcycle Licence.

Once you have passed both parts of the Practical Motorcycle Test you can ride any motorcycle you want without L-plates.

You may also carry a pillion passenger.