Progressive Access - A2 to A Upgrade at Lee-on-the-Solent DVSA Test Centre



If you have been riding on a Category A2 Licence for at least 2 years you can book the Progressive Access course to upgrade to your full Category A Licence.

In order to keep costs as low as possible we use the DVSA Test Centre in Lee-on-the-Solent because we can book both the Module 1 and the Module 2 Practical Tests on the same day. For the same reason we ask that you use your own transport to get to and from Lee-on-the-Solent.


The fees includes bike hire and fuel, fully comprehensive insurance and use of quality Personal Protective Equipment including helmet, jacket, gloves and waterproof over trousers where required. It also includes the cost of the 2 Practical Tests**.

Before you can book this course you must:

  1. have passed your Category A2 Motorcycle Test at least 2 years ago.

  2. be able to read a number plate over 20.5 metres (you can wear glasses or contact lenses to do this).

Upon passing the 2 Practical Motorcycle Tests you will be able to ride any size motorcycle on your Category A Licence.

* you must complete the Module 2 Practical Test within 6 months of passing your Module 1 Practical Test.

** if you fail the Module 1 Practical Test you will loose the Module 2 Practical Test Fee as both Practical Tests are booked for the same day.

*** if you fail either of the Practical Tests your retest will be charged the cost of the Practical Test (£15.50 for Module 1 and £75.00 for Module 2) plus half day (£80.00) for training and attendance of the retest.