​Compulsory Basic Training

​​This is the first step if you want to ride a Moped or Motorcycle on a public road.

You must be 16 years or older to be able to attend a CBT course and have at least a Provisional Driving Licence with the relevant Entitlement - Category AM for a Moped or Category A1 for a Light Motorcycle.

Even if you hold a full Car Driving Licence you must still complete a CBT course before you will be allowed to ride a Motorcycle although there may be exceptions if you want to ride nothing bigger than a 50cc moped.

Post Test Training

Just passed your test but need some motorway experience? Or perhaps you want to practice night-riding before you venture out on your own after dark? Maybe you want to brush up on winter riding?

Whatever your requirements - call us we are here to help you get the most out of biking.

Tailor Made Training Packages

Want to ride a motorcycle but not sure if it is for you? Or perhaps you want to do CBT in bite-sized chunks?

Maybe you just passed CBT but feel a bit insecure on the road?

Are you planning on taking your Practical Motorcycle Test but you want to do it in stages?

No worries. We can tailor a course to suit you - give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Back To Biking

Calling all born-again bikers!

This course is for the rider who already holds a Motorcycle Licence but has not been riding for some time and wants to get back on a bike.

We can tailor a refresher course with emphasis on the aspects that need polishing up to get you confidently back in the saddle again.

Practical Motorcycle Test Training

Our Direct Access, Staged Access and Progressive Access courses provide candidates between the ages of 16 and 70 with the neccesary off-road and on-road training to prepare them for the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency's two-part Practical Motorcycle Test.

On the 19th January 2013 new Motorcycle Licencing rules came into effect. The new rules restricts the engine size and output power of the motorcycle you are allowed to take the Practical Motorcycle Test on depending on your age group.

Watch the short video below for an explanation of the new rules.

​​Age 16 to 70 - Direct Access for all Categories Motorcycle Licence

The Direct Access courses are for new riders. You must have a valid CBT certificate and a valid Motorcycle Theory Test certificate before you can start any of the Direct Access courses. Both these certificates last for 2 years. We can include the CBT course as part of the Direct Access course which will increase the length of the course by one day.

Age 19 to 23 - Staged Access for Category A2 Medium Motorcycle

The Staged Access course is for experienced riders who have held a Category A1 Light Motorcycle Licence for at least 2 years and there is no need to re-take CBT or the Motorcycle Theory Test.

The Staged Access course is a fast-track course for the younger rider. By completing the Staged Access course and passing your Practical Motorcycle Category A2 Medium Licence Test at age 19 you are ideally placed to obtain your Category A Full Licence by the time you turn 21.

Age 21 to 23 - Progressive Access for Category A Full Motorcycle

The Progressive Access course is for experienced riders who have held a Category A2 Medium Motorcycle Licence for at least 2 years. You do not have to re-take CBT or the Motorcycle Theory Test.